Story of Your Life

legacy novels!

Mom’s a drama queen. Dad’s a war reenactment junkie. And little bro is a rebel without a cause. 

Set the record straight with Legacy Novels.

The local company crafts bespoke family-tree books from in-person interviews with Granny, Gramps, uncles, old neighbors, you name it. A writing team compiles the uncovered info (memories, legends, inside jokes, love stories) with visual elements (photos, letters, recipes, marriage licenses) into a hardbound, professionally published novel.

The finished product comes with a personalized title, cover, table of contents, and dedication page, as well as a CD or DVD with clips from the interviews. Legacy Novels will even throw a book-signing party to present the tome to family and friends (down to the invites, R.S.V.P.s, decor, and refreshments).

Footnote: Since the hardbacks are works of art, prices aren’t for the faint of heart.

We’re just telling it like it is.

Available online at legacynovels.com.