It's a Long Story

lash allure md!

At 3 a.m., you’ve considered electroshocking your abs, ordered a hands-free blow-dryer, and cried at Proactiv commercials (aw, they can leave the house again!).

But getting past your beauty bullshit radar is much tougher in the light of day.

For your consideration: Dallas-based Beauty Biosciences’s Lash Allure MD.

The little silver tube contains a magical potion (active ingredients, proteins, peptides) that makes lashes and brows grow longer, thicker, and stronger. Clinical trials apparently showed dramatic outcomes (some users even had to trim their fringe) in six weeks.

Unlike competitors, Lash Allure doesn’t use prostaglandins, which can cause skin discoloration. And at around 50 bucks a pop, its price tag is way more reasonable.

Hocus pocus? Maybe.

But hardly an optical illusion.

Available online at lashalluremd.com. DailyCandy readers receive 20 percent off at checkout with code darklash.

Photo: Wade Griffith