Radar Queen

merry maps!

Your moral compass ain’t too shabby. But your sense of direction is nonexistent.

Make a right turn with Merry Maps. Local artist Daley Harris draws and paints masterpieces for events, invites, announcements, and gifts.

Her youthful designs range from bird’s-eye views of Texas ranches to spots in the Hamptons. Getting hitched? She’ll do a Big D road map to keep out-of-town guests on track (landmarks could include Neiman Marcus, Inwood Theatre, and the Fair Park Ferris wheel). Bought a new crib? Commission a cute rendering of the hood for your moving announcements.

To cover the ground, Harris needs only about three weeks and a dozen important destinations (a favorite resto, flower shop, make-out point).

On occasion, she detours from map making for assignments like holiday or birthday cards.

Just steer her in the right direction.

Merry Maps (214-202-0822 or daley@merrymaps.com). For more information, go to merrymaps.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Merry Maps