Crow 'Em Whatcha Got

crow collection of asian art!

Now that Christmas is over, New Year’s resolutions are top of your to-do list. Get them going at The Lotus Shop, the Crow Collection of Asian Art’s chic little museum boutique.

Cheese Board and Knife Set, $95
Resolution No. 1: Up your entertaining repertoire. Trade beer and pizza night for a simple cocktail soiree. The Emperador marble duo is a nice presentation.

Antique Silver Dragon Letter Opener, $95
Resolution No. 2: Get organized. Start by tackling your towering mail pile (and finally pay a bill on time) with fancy hardware.

Hinoki Mint Bath Soak, $38
Resolution No. 3: Pamper yourself. A fresh, mineral-rich mixture relaxes and refreshes when work ramps back up and the tension starts to build.

Monoi Beach Towel, $109
Resolution No. 4: Make the most of your vacation days and book a beach getaway ASAP. A luxe tropical towel that doubles as a picnic blanket reminds you there’s something to look forward to.

Red Flower Japanese Peony Candle, $34
Resolution No. 5: Fluff your nest. Ditch the cheesy incense for an affordable upgrade, like a sweet (but not too sweet) candle.

The Lotus Shop, 2010 Flora Street (214-979-6430).

Photo: _cheryl / Flickr

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