Spruce Up with Linde Browning Custom Painting

Painted Furniture and Murals by a Lakewood Gal

linde browning mural!

The only professional painter you know is Lily at Hollywood Nails.

Put down the Haut Chocolat and meet Linde Browning, an artist who paints furniture and murals.

Since studying sculpture and painting at Abilene Christian University, 28-year-old Browning has been honing her craft on old dressers and family heirlooms, learning the ins and outs of lacquering, faux finishing, and glazing. And now she’s ready to spruce up your stuff.

For new clients, she starts with a consultation to either absorb an idea or drum up a few. If a mural is what you’re after, she’ll paint the exact design on a sample board and bring it to your home. Should you opt to have a treasured chest refurbished, she’ll tote it away and get to work in her Lake Highlands studio.

Her reach is broad (she makes house calls as far north as McKinney), and turnaround is usually just a few weeks.

Now all you have to do is nail her down.

Linde Browning Design (903-780-2083 or lindebrowningdesign.com), $250 and up.

Photo: Courtesy of Linde Browning Design