Pass the Gratitude

Pass the Gratitude

A family activity for the Thanksgiving table

Parental responsibility No. 425: teaching your kids that Thanksgiving is more than a long weekend bookended by parades and leftover pumpkin pie.

Get the message across with a gratitude jar. Before the turkey is served, gather your pilgrims and ask them what they’re grateful for. Write down each gem on a slip of paper (Mom and Dad, you do it, too) and tuck the notes into a jar.

When setting the table for your fall feast, use the jar as a centerpiece of riches to share with family and friends.

And because not everyone is so fortunate, we’re using our bounty to spread the word about Future Fortified. More than 200 million kids don’t have diets with enough essential nutrients — and Future Fortified wants to change that.

Join us on Twitter this week (#thankfulforthefuture) and share what you’re thankful for.

So we can build a better future for all.

Our friends at Future Fortified have created a message template to help get your family’s gratitude jar started. Find out more about their effort to rid the world of malnutrition at futurefortified.org.