Tips for Growing Plants in an NYC Apartment

Tips for Growing Plants in an NYC Apartment

Advice from the Experts at Verdant Gardens Design

In Craigslistspeak, a “garden apartment” can refer to a lush, grassy enclave or a sad Charlie Brown pine visible from your window. (Brokers have a creative way with language.)

But those who’ve been cheated of a true garden should consider houseplants — an easy, affordable way to see green every day. (That’s right, black-thumbed naysayers, we said easy.)

In today’s video, Peter Couchman of Verdant Gardens Design offers tips on getting plants to flourish, including advice for lazy gardeners and steering clear of lethal mistakes.

Couchman also helped us assemble a gallery of flora conducive to different degrees of sun exposure. Sadly, if you’ve got zero natural light, it’ll be tough to grow anything.

But take that up with your broker.

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