Find the Right Glasses

Find the Right Glasses

In Your Four Eyes

Lately, the letters E P Q T C V are looking a lot more like O H C R A P.

Your peepers need some love — in the form of glasses.

But before you start the daunting process of finding the perfect pair, check out our latest Easy Does It video about choosing frames that fit your face.

For the segment, we consulted the experts at Fabulous Fanny’s, an amazing vintage eyewear store in Manhattan, where — rumor has it — Lady Gaga sources her specs.

Even if you wear contacts, you’ll want a bespectacled look after you see the awesome selection.

That is, if you can.

To visit Fabulous Fanny
s online shop, go to store.fabulousfannys.com. To see some of our favorite styles, visit our photo gallery. Got a how-to question you want answered in a future video? E-mail us at easydoesit@dailycandy.com. Go crazy!