Fall for Edith A. Miller's New Cotton Collection

Read Between the Lines

edith a. miller collection!

After a review, it has been determined that Edith A. Miller has earned its stripes.

The decision is based on the following:

Upon arriving at a party wearing the same Robert P. Miller shirt, New Yorkers Jennifer Murray and Nancy Gibson discovered they had both attempted to contact the 106-year-old knitting mill. A partnership formed. (Points for being proactive.)

With no modern contact information to speak of, the collaborators hoofed it to middle-of-nowhere Pennsylvania (technically Mohnton), eventually convincing the sixth generation of military thermal manufacturers to make women’s clothing. (Chutzpah duly noted.)

Using the mill’s all-American ribbed cotton, they avoided shrinking gents’ styles and dutifully designed tanks, short- and long-sleeved tees, rompers, and dresses fit for ladies. (High-five.)

It has come to our attention that there is already a high demand.

In light of this matter, the board would like to request to get in line.

Available online at stevenalan.com; creaturesofcomfort.us; totokaelo.com, $46-$164.

Photo: Courtesy of Edith A. Miller