No, It's Not Another Bill

It's a Present in the Post

not another bill gifts london!

When it comes to giving gifts, you’ve always admired Santa’s stealth methods.

Unfortunately, he’s unavailable 364 days of the year.

Enlist the help of Ned Corbett-Winder instead. The creative Londoner has launched Not Another Bill, a secret present-giving service that promises to delight any lucky recipient — be it yourself, a loved one or a stranger you’d like to impress (or creep out). Subscribe for one, three or six months, and once a month, you or your pal will receive a surprise package containing pretty much anything Ned fancies.

Think trinket or random ephemera discovered in London’s markets and fairs (skull necklace, windup tin toy, enamel picnic plates); he also commissions photographers and printmakers to create bespoke one-offs. The carefully chosen objects arrive in chic parcels when least expected.

You’ll think all your Christmases have come at once.

Available online at notanotherbill.com, £15 per month.

Photo: Courtesy of Not Another Bill