Let YourLittleFilm.com Turn Your Photos into Movies

Lasting Memories from Old Pics and More


A cautionary tale for your hard drive: A picture’s only worth a thousand words if you can actually see it.

Turn your JPEGs, Flip films, and iPhone snippets into mini masterpieces with the help of YourLittleFilm.com. The L.A.-based company takes your multimedia output and edits it down to create short movies (five minutes or less), which you can share via Facebook, YouTube, or email.

No two little films are alike. The pros here work with you (think of yourself as the executive producer) to craft memories (a third birthday, a year in review, a new baby) into long-lasting visual entertainment. You provide the images and music preferences; they do the heavy lifting. Bonus: They’re not afraid of old media like eight-millimeter, VHS, or slides, so hit up Grandma for the boxes in the basement.

Once you have approved the final cut, it’s yours forever.

Give it a shot.

Available online at yourlittlefilm.com, $299 and up.

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Photos: Courtesy of Yourlittlefilm; Courtesy of Pinhole Press