Sweet View Fine Art Prints Capture London for Locals

No Tourists Allowed

sweet view london fine art prints!

Spring has sprung: birds are chirping, flowers are blooming and tourists have invaded the tube with wheelie bags in tow. (Seriously, people, move out of the way.)

Reclaim your hometown with Sweet View fine art prints. British artist Jack Noel has a series of works that shows London through the eyes of a local. Playful images capture familiar backstreets, crossroads, markets and hidden garden squares in each of the twelve boroughs. In Hackney you’ll recognize St. Leonard’s Church at the corner of Shoreditch High and Old streets; Southwark depicts the bustling Borough Market on a Saturday.

Noel numbers and signs each limited-edition illustration (200 for each borough), which is digitally printed on A2 paper.

Let the tourists have Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament. Real Londoners know home is where the art is.

Available online at sweetview.co.uk, £28.

Illustration: Courtesy of Sweet View