How to Make Bunting

Cheap and Easy Party Decorations


You probably won’t find it in the palace, but thanks to Will-Kat (and a day off to party in the streets) bunting is the decoration du jour. The humble British enhancement is cheap, easy to make and will throw cool shadows around the room if you hang it in a sunny window.

You will need
Pinking shears
Fabric (felt or paper)
Needle and thread (or a sewing machine)
Ribbon (wider than 2 cm)

1. Make a triangle template out of card to ensure all your bunting flags are the same size (we recommend 30 cm long).

2. Use the pencil to trace triangles onto your chosen fabric. Mix and match materials or colours for a quirky touch. (Make sure to rotate the template each time you draw another triangle to minimize wasted fabric.)

3. Use pinking shears (they prevent fraying) to cut the fabric triangles. Repeat until you have enough flags to stretch across your space.

4. Cut a piece of ribbon the length of the space you want to hang the bunting. Fold it in half from top to bottom. Iron to keep the fold in place.

5. Space the flags evenly along the ribbon, putting the top edges of the flags inside the fold of the ribbon. Pin in place and then sew using either a machine or secure backstitch. Leave at least 40 cm on either side to hang the bunting. (If you are using paper, simply staple the flags to the ribbon.)

6. Hang indoors or out. And get ready to party.

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Photo: Getty Images