U.Linx Magnetic Jewelry Draws You In

Bracelets, Rings, and Necklaces to Trade

u.linx jewelry!

Watching young cousins brag about their Silly Bandz and aunts coo over Pandora charms has created a yearning for age-appropriate swapping material.

Fill the pog-size void with U.Linx’s customizable, tradable magnetic jewelry. Start with the Linx (the basic bracelet) made of silver detachable spheres, then add the Clix (charms). Choose from circles and squares in more than twenty designs (bright, zippy colors and geometric styles).

If your bracelet becomes blasé, construct rings and necklaces from its spheres and charms and barter with pals for favors.

Worried you’ll come unhinged? The magnets are so strong you might be pulled to the fridge by a force that’s stronger than late-night snacking.

But that’s a fair trade-off.

Available online at ulinxjewelry.com, $25 for the Linx; $25 and up for a package of three Clix.

Photo: Courtesy of U.Linx