Sweet Dreams Are Made of a Yoomi Self-Warming Bottle

Dad, This One's for You

yoomi self-warming bottle!

The worst advice you can give a new mom? Sleep while the baby sleeps. Never happens.

Our suggestion: Sleep while Dad feeds the baby in the middle of the night.

Yoomi, a new self-warming bottle, is designed with midnight feedings (and dads) in mind. The brainchild of a new mother and her engineer husband, it’s the perfect combination of technical smarts and convenience. No more too hot, too cold, or falling asleep on the job.

Here’s how it works: Each bottle comes with a beehive-shaped warmer that fits inside. To charge it, place it in boiling water for 25 minutes. Then leave it wherever you like (nightstand, cupboard, refrigerator) for as long as you like; it stays charged until you use it. When feeding time comes, pour milk into the bottle, pop in the warmer, press a button to activate, and 60 seconds later — voila, the perfect temperature.

The milk flows over the warmer on its way to the nipple, so you never have to worry about overheating the bottom of the bottle. Plus, each warmer can be recharged for at least 100 feedings.

Sweet dreams.

Available online at yoomi.com, $6.50-$53.

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