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Quince's Horse's Neck Cocktail Recipe

Put Your Money on Rye

quince horse's neck cocktail recipe!

Serving mint juleps for the Kentucky Derby is like, well, kegs at a frat party: so obvi.

Get your party galloping with another one of Kentucky’s fine spirits: rye. Here, Quince bartender Jason “Buffalo” LoGrasso shares his recipe for the classic Horse’s Neck cocktail (the resto is currently serving it, along with other Derby-inspired drinks and eats). Giddyap.

Horse’s Neck
Makes one

Long lemon
2 oz. Rittenhouse Rye
½ oz. Blenheim ginger ale
½ oz. Seltzer Sisters soda water

1. With a peeler, start at the top and peel around the lemon, removing a 4-inch section (without the pith).

2. Place the peel in a highball or Collins glass, and then fill glass with ice. Add the rest of the ingredients and serve.

Or drink it at Quince, 470 Pacific Avenue, at Montgomery Street (415-775-8500 or quincerestaurant.com).

Photo: Eric Wolfinger / Courtesy of Quince

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