Julia Chaplin's Gypset Clothing Is Ready to Wear

Pack Lightly and Carry a Good Dress

julia chaplin gypset collection!

Entry date: 2009

Gypset (jip-set)
Origin: Julia Chaplin, freelance journalist/world traveler
adj. a hybrid of gypsy and jet-set.

n. 1) a stylish adventurer or group living by the code. Example: The gypset flock to Montauk this time of year. 2) a daydreamy book of good-looking parties and even better looking destinations by the same name.

Updated entry: 2011

n. sing. or pl. a new capsule clothing collection created by Chaplin for said high-flying, low-key lifestyle.

The well-edited selection of dresses, characterized by bold prints with a Marni-does-Nairobi vibe and boxy, ever-so-slightly ’80s silhouettes, significantly reduces packing time and baggage weight while increasing likelihood of compliments (see: Coco Weekender dress in bright yellow with raffia fringe detail, Detour Weekender with inside shoulder lined in pearl lamé, and the Sant Joan caftan mini). Example: I’m not sure if I’ll end up in Trancoso or Cartagena this weekend, but I packed a few Gypset dresses either way.

Available online at gypset.com or deskohan.com, $120-$350.

Photo: Courtesy of Julia Chaplin

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