Clothes That Can Take a Tumble (Dry)

Tees, Dresses, and Overalls for Summer

phoenix and nola summer clothes for kids!

Wash-and-wear is the only way to make it through the grass stain-filled, chocolate ice cream-dripped, sweaty days of summer.

Three new finds that can take the tumble (dry).

Phoenix and Nola
You would think simple, well-priced cotton basics ($15-$30) for kids would be a dime a dozen. But they’re basically impossible to find. Until now. The new Brooklyn-based collection has a selection of solid colors, stripes, and tees with illustrations. Mix and match with skirts, leggings, and pants for a casual-cool effect.

lucky fish changing color burnout tees!Changing Color Burnout Tees by Lucky Fish
At first glance, the paper-thin shirts ($37.50) with masked background images look a little washed out. But step outside, and it all becomes clear. The photosensitive decals pop in daylight (the moon turns blue, the tortoise purple). Still not getting it? Think Freezy Freakies for summer fun in the sun.

overall baby!Overall Baby
We thought there was nothing cuter than a shirtless kid in denim overalls, and then we discovered Overall Baby. The lightweight cotton stunners ($33-$38) delight in bright-colored patterns such as strawberries, flowers, hearts — and fave of every child of the ’80s — splatter paint. Can’t find your kiddo’s size? Don’t worry, you can order a custom pair ($42-$48) on Etsy.

Now get outside and play.

Photos: Courtesy of Phoenix and Nola; Courtesy of Deerling.com; Courtesy of Overall Baby