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Go Berserky for Jerky Queen

Healthy Snacks in Delicious Flavors

jerky queen!

Your taste buds love you, but your thighs think you’re a dumbass (no offense to your actual ass). Show ’em who’s boss with healthy, additive-free snacks from the Jerky Queen.

After being captivated by a dehydrator infomercial in ’99, Chicagoan Aimee Goudas started making jerky. She spent the next decade experimenting with flavors and textures, dehydrating everything from raspberries to salmon. Co-workers begged her to share, and a business was born.

The mostly organic, preservative-free snacks come in a variety of inventive flavors: Lean cuts of grass-fed beef are marinated in homemade blends (Bloody Mary, garlic teriyaki); butternut squash and zucchini chips (original or lightly salted) offer a crisp, vibrant alternative to greasy potato; banana, apple, and strawberry satisfy your sweet tooth.

They’re to dry for.

Available online at jerkyqueen.com or etsy.com. To learn about upcoming flavors, follow @jerkyqueen on Twitter.

Photo: Candy Caldwell / Courtesy of Jerky Queen