Take Shade in Sunettes Sunglasses

The Shape of Things to Come

sunettes sunglasses!

When Giotto was called upon by the pope to demonstrate his skill as an artist, he drew nothing but a perfect circle to prove his genius.

When crafting the ultimate pair of sunglasses, Sunettes designers used the same shape to prove theirs.

The young Italian label’s rotund shades manage to be both universally flattering and intriguingly aloof (think John Lennon, Olsen twins, Le Corbusier).

Handmade from celluloid with the highest quality lenses, the glasses offer simplicity and excellence in equal measure. Plus, they come in a kaleidoscope of colours, including coral with black lenses, grey with graduated lenses and even a lurid yellow hue that’s perfect for staring at the sun.

They’re guaranteed to bring your summer style full circle.

Available online at sunettes.bigcartel.com, £80.

Photo: Courtesy of Sunettes