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Get Your Derby Party on Track

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kentucky derby parties!

The hat you wore to watch the royal wedding out-weirded Princess Beatrice’s. At least you have an excuse to wear it again — it’s Kentucky Derby Party Time.

Our editors from coast to coast are getting race ready: Rye cocktails are on track in San Francisco, necklaces are being strung together in New York, there’s a pack of meatballs on the stove in Chicago, and the betting tips are coming in from a totally unseedy corner of L.A.

We’ve even tapped a few Southern experts who have us charging out of the gates. Social Primer’s minding our manners, Garden & Gun style editor Haskell Harris clues us in to the new dress code, and there’s an easy bourbon pecan pie recipe that might take first prize.

So pony up and make some room in the stands (a.k.a. your couch). Just don’t forget your camera; this shindig is going to have a photo finish.

Photo: Janelle Jones

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