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When ReCrib, a new online marketplace for gently used, high-end baby furniture and gear, launched a few weeks back, the blogs were all aTwitter. It seemed there was finally a way for parents with expensive taste to afford the cribs, strollers, toys, and furniture they lust after (and a way for those who shelled out big money for a fancy crib to recoup some of their cash).

We wanted to give it a little time, let the inventory roll in, and see if you really could purchase the big-ticket items of your dreams for a fraction of the retail price. (A shipping cost heads-up: Most of the merch is coming from sellers in NYC and L.A.)

The verdict: ReCrib is the real deal.

Netto Collection Moderne
ReCrib: $700
Reason why: The crib’s already been anointed a modern design classic. And you’ll get it at more than 50 percent off.

Bugaboo Cameleon with Accessories
Retail: $1,191
ReCrib: $500
Reason why: A wheel board, new rain cover, foot muff, and cup holder are included.

Svan High Chair
Retail: $280
ReCrib: $75
Reason why: You can replace the cushion for $40, making it as good as new.

Available online at recrib.com.

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