"Harvey the Child Mime," by Loryn Brantz

A New Classic for Your Bookshelves

harvey the child mime by loryn brantz!

Imagine a world in which every sentence your child utters does not begin with “I want” or “Get me.”

We know. It would be a very quiet place.

Which is why we’re shouting from the mountaintops about Harvey the Child Mime.

Author Loryn Brantz tells the irresistibly charming story of a little mime who so convincingly shuts himself inside an invisible box that he’s mistakenly shipped off to sea as cargo. When he docks, he finds himself in the company of a loud, demanding princess. With no words at all, Harvey shows her the beauty of using imagination and the staying power of a gift that can’t be wrapped (or unwrapped).

Brantz’s magical tale teaches without being preachy and remains fresh bedtime reading after bedtime reading.

We’ll just say it in language you’re used to, “We want you to read this book now.”

Available online at amazon.com, $17.

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