Spritz On Intelligent Nutrients Organic Bug Repellent

A Spray a Day Keeps the Critters Away

intelligent nutrients bug repellent!

Last summer’s fragrance: top notes of saltwater and sunscreen enveloped in a smoky, charcoal base with hints of lobster roll and tiki torch — equally effective in keeping both mosquitoes and potential suitors away.

Now’s a good time to knock some scents into the season with Intelligent Nutrients organic bug repellent serum and aromatic spray.

Spritz or dab on the sesame-, soy-, and castor oil-based blend; the formula comes off like a spicy floral perfume. In place of DEET, essential oils derived from plants insects loathe — rosemary, geranium, lemongrass, clove, cedar, peppermint, and citronella (don’t wince; those toxic candles have really given the citrusy smell a bad name) — naturally fend off six-legged “friends.”

Though your two-legged ones will be all over it.

Available online at intelligentnutrients.com, $26-$28.

Photo: Courtesy of Intelligent Nutrients