Make-or-Break Road Trip Essentials

SnoozeShade and Travel-Tot Kit

summer travel with kids!

When you’re road tripping, getting there is half the fun. The other half? Making it home with the kids in one piece.

Here are new products to help you enjoy the ride and survive your stay.

Of course, she starts napping regularly the week before you’re headed to the beach. Keep her sleep schedule intact with an infant car seat cover ($35). The double-layer, breathable fabric keeps baby in the dark for long stretches of sun-soaked highway (think blackout blinds for the road). Plus, it protects her peaches-and-cream skin (UPF 50+), so she can snooze on the sand while you soak up some rays.

Travel-Tot Childproofing Kit
If there’s an outlet to be poked or a table corner to be tackled, your little explorer will find it. Which is why we’re doing the safety dance for the fantastic baby-proofing kit ($25) for families on the go. Everything from outlet covers to a sliding door lock is included, so you can transform your hotel room, rental house, or Grandma’s pad into a safe space for your toddler.

Photo: Sandy Nicholson / Getty Images

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