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240Sweet Treats You to Artisanal Marshmallows

Small-Batch Delights to Your Doorstep

240sweet marshmallows!

Columbus, Indiana (population: 44,061), is home to the world’s largest toilet.

Too much $#%^ going on to make the trip? Take the easier route and order addictive artisanal marshmallows from the town’s own 240Sweet.

The small-batch treats come in more than 70 flavors and are best eaten straight from the bag. Chef Alexa Lemley uses Michigan beet sugar, Ohio glucose, and Indiana cornstarch in place of distasteful stabilizers, resulting in chewy-not-tacky, sweet-not-syrupy delights. (Fun fact: Lemley’s Uncle Sapp invented the donut.)

July’s flavors are like edible summer: sweet corn that tastes fresh picked; s’more, which evokes a campfire gathering; and decadent banana cream.

Play it safe with salty caramel, cinnamon, and white chocolate snow. Go risky (yet equally scrumptious) with pistachio saffron, savory red bean, and roasted pineapple.

Heck, order one of each.

You’re no softy.

Available online at 240sweet.com, $5 for three marshmallows.

Photo: Stacy Able / Courtesy of 240Sweet