Personalize the Party with Make It Mine Parties

Banners, Plates, Goodie Bags, and More

make it mine parties!

When you were planning your wedding, it became abundantly clear that the celebration was not for you (or, heaven forbid, your fiance). It was actually for your mom.

So it should come as no surprise that the birthday party you’re obsessing over for Junior is really all about you.

In honor of the occasion, let us introduce you to Make It Mine Parties. The online supplier of personalized party accoutrements turns an average cake and balloon gathering into a mind-blowing how-does-she-do-it-all celebration.

The collections include everything from party hats and goodie bags to garlands, cupcake kits, and mealtime essentials. Choose from around twenty themes, including pirates, fire trucks, Minnie Mouse (in a refreshingly noncommercial way), and new designs from Lilly Pulitzer (sea horses, alligators, and turtles).

Every item can be personalized by hand before being delivered to you, so it will seem as if you spent hours poring over every last detail, meticulously cutting out letters, bag tags, and more.

In other words, it’s a spectacular party for him that’s an incredible reflection on you.

Available online at makeitmineparties.com, $18-$129.

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Photos: Courtesy of Make It Mine Parties; Courtesy of Kimmel Kids