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Forage Ties One On

Janelle Monae's High-Fashion Look Goes Everyday

forage bow ties!

The last time you got caught necking, your mom grounded you and took away your Mall Madness privileges.

Redeem yourself with Forage’s new line of bow ties for the ladies. Using vintage silk, gingham, and plaid fabric remnants, designers Shauna Alterio and Stephen Loidolt craft self-tying neck candies in their Philly studio that are, quite simply, a dame’s answer to yesteryear chic.

Every piece comes with a certificate of authenticity, signed and numbered by the duo. Dapper styles include the jewel-tone gingham Elsie, navy plaid Natalie, and metallic stripe Maggie. If you see one that strikes your fancy, act swiftly, because the limited-edition beauties are selling fast.

As for which one is our absolute favorite? They’re all pretty much neck and neck.

Available online at forage.bigcartel.com, $68-$78.

Photo: Courtesy of Forage