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babyccino kids!

They say when one window closes, another one opens. And another. And another. And another.

Especially if you’re clicking around new online marketplace Babyccino Kids.

Launched by a team of moms blogging from Amsterdam, Paris, and London since 2007, it’s a collection of the best children’s webshops uncovered along the way. A mix of brick-and-mortar spots (only a local would know) and just-online stores, their finds skew European (no worries, most ship internationally).

We asked founders Courtney Adamo and Esther van de Paal for recommendations to get us started window-shopping half a world away. Here are their picks.

Belle and Rollo
Hello, from: Ireland.
What’s in stock: A thoughtful, worldly selection of toys, clothes, gifts, and home decor.
Our first purchase: A cotton crochet flower blanket from London-based Rocket and Bear.

Hello, from:
The United Kingdom by way of Bolivia.
What’s in stock: Knit sweaters, jumpers, bloomers, and more made from 100 percent baby alpaca wool.
Our first purchase: Mitten overalls that elevate the pocket to a whole new level.

Buisjes en Beugels
Hello, from: The Netherlands.
What’s in stock: In-house label BB+++ (clothing and furniture) mingles with design-savvy brands like Areaware.
Our first purchase: A pint-size bamboo desk and chair from Danish designer We:Do:Wood.

Find more shops online at babyccinokids.com.

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Photos: Courtesy of Babyccino Kids; Courtesy of Wonderopolis