Belly Barre Sculpt and a Facial at Soulistic Studio & Spa

Tighter Butt, Meet Cleaner Pores

barre workout!

It’d be phat if your workouts were rewarded with cookies.

But then you’d be fat.

Instead, head to River West’s Soulistic Studio & Spa for an ass-whooping class followed by a dose of healthy, well-deserved rejuvenation.

First, spend 60 fun, flowy minutes at Belly Barre Sculpt, taught by fitness guru Nina Aronson, to tighten up your abs, arms, butt, and legs. Myriad moves (belly dancing and isolations, Pilates mixed with individual wooden barres, balancing poses, core strengthening); lots of you-can-do-it, feel-the-burn repetition; and a lively sound track make the hour fly by.

Your carrot? A cleansing Éminence facial from one of Soulistic’s maverick aestheticians or 30 minutes in one of the city’s few infrared saunas, which detoxifies, manages weight, and soothes achy muscles.

Pretty flabuless.

Soulistic Studio & Spa, 805 North Milwaukee Avenue, at Chicago Avenue, suite 200 (312-226-7685 or soulisticstudiospa.com).

Photo: PhotoAlto / Eric Audras / Getty Images

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805 N Milwaukee Ave
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