SweetSeat Gives Tots a Boost at the Table

Just the Lift You're Looking For

sweet seat booster!

Used to be you’d plop a kid on the yellow pages to give him a boost at the table. These days what’s your option: an iPad?

Take it to the next level with SweetSeat’s handmade boosters. The eye-catching seats are covered in laminated cotton displaying a variety of patterns, from polka dots and florals to houndstooth.

The sturdy round base rests solidly on most chair bottoms (we tested ours on a modern scoop-back number and had no problem with slippage). A high tufted back gives a little eater the support he needs to sit properly at mealtime.

Once he’s downed all his carrots and peas, all you have to do is use a sponge and soapy water to wipe spills clean.

How’s that for a lift?

Available online at sweet-seat.com, $84.

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