Use Your Black + Blum Hot Pot BBQ All Year

Grow and Cook Your Meal Simultaneously

black + blum hot pot bbq!

Summertime in England, when the only things that are smoking hot are the Northern Line and pap shots of shirtless footballers on holiday. Wish we could say as much about the weather.

No matter the temperature, a terra-cotta barbecue and flower pot in one will get you fired up for the season.

Designed by Dan Black and Martin Blum, two Londoners on a mission to combat the daily challenges of urban living, the grill lies concealed beneath an herb garden. So even if the day is a total washout where summer entertaining is concerned (and let’s face it, it will be), your garden will reap the benefits.

A happy marriage of form and function, the attractive planter looks just as good blooming with rosemary as it does sizzling with sausages.

Just don’t get burned.

Available online at black-blum.com, £99.

Photo: Courtesy of Black + Blum