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This Is Our Kind of Paper Pusher

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They hadn’t the slightest idea how to start a bookshop. But distraught by the lack of reading material during their vacation on the azure-speckled isle of Santorini, the friends eagerly got to work building their literary lair in Greece.

Chapter One

Word begins spreading about the little bookshop, and people travel from the ends of the Earth to peruse the collection of classics and offbeat titles. Oh, how they love the smell of pages and salty air.

Chapter Two

Many visitors wish they could share the charm of the bookshop with far-off loved ones.

Chapter Three

Paravion Press is born in a back room of the shop. The boutique publisher prints delightful, postcard-size short stories from the likes of Mark Twain and O. Henry, each with a blank page for an inscription and a nifty envelope for shipping.


Future plans include city series — New York, London, Paris, and New Orleans — and original works from contemporary authors. Such a novel idea with such humble beginnings.

Available online at paravionpress.org, $10 each; $45 for a bundle of five.

Photo: Courtesy of Paravion

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