Hang Tough in an Aerial Fitness Class

It's Flying Fantastic

flying fantastic fitness london!

Running away to join the circus has never been more appealing.

Shame you have none of the required skills.

Learn the ropes with Flying Fantastic, a new aerial fitness class (£15-£18) in Battersea taught by the pros. Each 100-minute session begins with a quick warm-up on the floor before getting off to a swinging start. Master the basics of climbing and descending a silk rope, as well as twirling and spinning (crash mat and spotter provided).

Best part? Muscle conditioning and toning are easy when you’re holding on for dear life. (You’ll see what we mean the next day.) Classes are small, and all skill levels are welcome, with separate silks given to more advanced students.

Space is limited, so book now. There’s no time to clown around.

Flying Fantastic classes are held on Tuesday and Thursday, 6:50 and 8 p.m., at The Wilditch Centre, 48 Culvert Road, SW11 5BB (07801 075488 or flyingfantastic.co.uk).

Photo: Courtesy of Flying Fantastic

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