Love Food Give Food Raises Money for Hunger

Get More Out of Your Dinner Party

dinner party!

You cook and clean, chop and shop. And all your guests bring to the table are cheap bottles of plonk and their boring other halves.

Get more out of your dinner party with the help of Love Food Give Food, an Action Against Hunger charity initiative that raises money to benefit malnourished children around the world.

Before your next get-together, sign up online to receive a dinner party pack that includes invites, place cards and suggested recipes from Francesco Mazzei (Cocorino, L’Anima), TV chef Valentine Warner and more. Set up a Just Giving page and ask (insist) guests to donate whatever they think your cooking is worth. We suggest you put them on the spot and embarrass them into being generous.

After all, charity begins in the home.

For more information, go to actionagainsthunger.org.uk.

Photo: Image Source / Getty Images