How to Be the Tooth Fairy

The New Rules for Lost Teeth

paper and twine tooth fairy kit!

The Tooth Fairy Rules of Engagement, 2011 Edition

After a review of visitation practices, the tooth fairy has issued the following guidelines to help parents facilitate a more magical experience. While compliance is not mandated, it is strongly encouraged.

1. Be prepared.
Unable to predict with accuracy a child’s first tooth loss, it is recommended that parents purchase Paper + Twine’s tooth fairy kit ($22). The simple muslin drawstring bag contains a condensed history of the legend along with a case file to record losses, tooth fairy business cards, and a starter-size package of fairy dust (a.k.a. glitter). When the first one falls, you will be ready.

tooth fairy mail!2. Ensure safe passage.
Baby teeth are small. The tooth fairy’s vision isn’t getting any better. Help secure midnight retrievals by placing incisors in a whimsical mail envelopes ($9). They come five to a pack and can be reused to leave cash.

3. Respect light sleepers.
Though pillows are still officially sanctioned by the fairy, best practices have been revised to include a ceramic dish ($48) for children who are likely to awaken at repositioning.

4. Leave your stamp.
To combat cases of “I don’t believe in the tooth fairy,” employ tactics of deception. Terbear Collectibles’s postmark and signature rubber stamps ($13 each) look so real they turn scowls into toothless grins.

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Photos: Courtesy of Paper + Twine; Courtesy of Annie’s Blue Ribbon General Store; Courtesy of Dallas Clayton