Allotinabox Gets Down and Dirty

Invest in Some Seedy Business

allotinabox grow-your-own vegetables!

The sun is out, flowers are in bloom, and the grass is at its greenest: it’s that time of year when you feel the need.

The need for seed.

If you have great green-fingered intentions but lack the space in which to carry them out, call upon Allotinabox. The new company sells miniature DIY gardens, complete with instructions, seeds (carrots, leeks, spring onions, chives), grow wheel, plant tags and jute twine. Also in the works: a chili box, herb box and the Shallotinabox.

Delivered via standard mail (P&P is free anywhere in the UK), the kits (and their recyclable packaging) are ideal for urbanites who possess nothing more than a window box in which to cultivate their own little plot of joy.

The results are sow rewarding.

Available online at allotinabox.com, £13.

Photo: Courtesy of Allotinabox