How to Get Some Peace and Quiet

The Best Products for Soothing Baby

tear-free parenting!

The best ways to get them to shut the f#*! up.

lutron lamp dimmer switch!Turn It Down
This lamp dimmer switch ($12) is a must for new parents. Trust us, at 3 a.m. you will be thankful for a full spectrum of dimming capabilities.
sophie the giraffe!Chew on This
Sure, $18 may seem like a lot for a teether, but once you see Sophie in action, you will understand where she gets her bite.
homedics soundspa!Sound of Silence
After our arms go numb from rocking, we turn the soothing responsibilities over to the rain forest ($19) — and never look back.
etsy little allouette wood!Wood You Stop
Created by a carpenter dad and educator mom, Little Alouette’s baby-safe teethers ($10-$20) are made of hardwood.
one step ahead rinse cup!No More Tears
Three cheers for plastic. The rubber panel on this rinse cup ($10) protects eyes from soap and water, thus preventing bath-time meltdowns.

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Photo: Gregory Warran / Getty Images