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Peter Spanton Nonalcoholic Beverages Are Addictive

Drinking Minus the Hangover

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The Twelve Steps to Launching a Line of Nonalcoholic Drinks (If You’re Peter Spanton)

1. Start working in a cool bar like Vic Naylor’s in Clerkenwell on the site of what is now Eastside Inn.

2. Party for twenty years straight.

3. When you’re not getting wasted, watch other people get drunk, fall over, embarrass themselves, attempt to fight and generally make a nuisance of themselves.

4. Decide getting trollied every night isn’t for you anymore.

5. Admit you are powerless over alcohol.

6. Check in to rehab.

7. Emerge only to discover that when at parties, weddings or bars, nondrinkers have to choose between water or childish, fizzy concoctions filled with sugar.

8. Use your experience as a mixologist to create a soft drink for grown-ups.

9. Launch No. 7 — an antioxidant blend made from Brazilian açai berries.

10. Follow with refreshing and unusual tonics: No. 3 (cardamom with cucumber extract), No. 4 (mint and bitters with a hint of chocolate) and No. 5 (lemon grass with ginger).

11. Find new friends to drink your beverages.

12. Surrender to the fact that they will be addicted.

Available at Selfridges, 400 Oxford Street, W1A 1AB (08001 234000); online at peterspantonbeverages.com, £2 and up.

Photo: Courtesy of Peter Spanton

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