5 Toys You Should Own

Our Favorite Toys to Play With

our favorite finds for the playroom!

We’re not sure who likes these toys more — them or us.

stockmar beeswax stick crayons!Color Us Happy
Made from (naturally nontoxic) beeswax and stored in a beautiful metal tin, these stick crayons ($22) are better than any box of 64.
plasma car!Speed Racer
A ride-on toy he can actually drive. Our PlasmaCar ($49) has spent most of the last year parked outside and still looks new.
eeboo tell me a story cards!In the Cards
Stumped by the “tell me a story” request? Tales simply happen as you bridge the gap between the images on the EeBoo cards ($10) you deal.
magna-tiles!If You Build It
We spied these click-and-connect tiles in our kid’s preschool classroom (an apple for the teacher). They are the best $50 we’ve spent in a long time.
sarah's silk models!Better than Butter
Forts. Costumes. You name it. Give your kids a few of Sarah’s Silks Playsilks ($13 each), and you’ll get hours of creative, low-tech fun.

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Photo: Westend61 / Getty Images