101 Great Books to Keep You Busy from Now On

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“What should we read?” It’s a perennial question with an answer that lasts only as long as it takes to plow from title page to back cover. And then there we are, once again wondering what to stick our nose in next.

To solve the problem, we polled our editors and reader friends about their favorite books. We left the parameters wide: fiction and nonfiction, classics and modern works, literature and guilty pleasures, things read twenty times as a teenager and things only just discovered. We wanted to compile a compelling list where storytellers like David Sedaris and Dave Eggers could live next to masters Charles Dickens and Ernest Hemingway.

The results were effusive, even overwhelming at times, and yielded a list of 101 great reads. With the rare exception, each book on the list was suggested more than once.

Without exception, all are worthy of a little face time.

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