Screen Play: Our Favorite Rentals

Flicks to Rent and Never Return

favorite movie rentals!

Please silence your cell phone.

youth in revolt!Youth in Revolt
When Nick Twisp gets shot down, he summons Francois Dillinger, his crass, mustached alter ego bent on getting Twisp laid.
a single man!A Single Man
Tom Ford’s directorial debut is a beautifully tailored tragedy that will leave your heart heavy and vulnerable.
let the right one in!Let the Right One In
The Swedish film is moody, beautiful, and teaches a very important lesson: Beware of vampires under the age of 16.
Infantilized by their parents, three nameless adult children, who’ve never left their home, find the abnormal perfectly normal.
Amy Adams makes it impossible not to love her as a charming, pregnant bride, while Ryan from The O.C. makes brooding an art.

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