SkarGorn Denim Launches with a Silver Lake Pop-Up

It's in the Jeans

skargorn denim!

A weary shopper brushes past a bronze lantern. Out pops the Jean Genie, who grants her one wish.

S: I want denim that fits me like a glove, isn’t slavishly trendy, and has some swagger.

(A pair of SkarGorn Jeans magically appears.)

JG: Behold SkarGorn, the new premium denim line by former Levi’s design director Rikke Korff. The collection joins her cult jersey label, The Furies, under her burgeoning design house, The Korff Kounsil.

S: In-jean-ious!

JG: Three classic-but-cool silhouettes run the gamut from skinny (Bone) to straight-leg (Quill) to cropped cigarette (A). They’ve got just the right dose of stretch, and their moody washes (Violet Fade, Black Indigo) are a sheer rhapsody in blue. The line also offers a few men’s styles.

S: I hope you aren’t just a manifestation of my denim-entia.

Available through July 31 at Markets of the Korff Kounsil, 1639 Silver Lake Boulevard, at Effie Street (310-450-7171 or thekounsil.com), $128 and up.

Photos: Courtesy of SkarGorn Denim

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Markets of the Korff Kounsil
1639 Silver Lake Blvd
@ Effie St
Los Angeles, CA 90026