Schoolbags for Kids Gives Back

The Do-Good Backpack

schoolbags for kids!

Having the weight of the world on your shoulders is generally considered a burden.

Unless you’re carrying it in a Schoolbags for Kids backpack. Then it’s a privilege and an honor.

That’s because for every tote you buy from the newly launched company, the founders donate a pack full of school supplies to children in need around the world.

The schoolbags have a neat horizontal design that allows books, art projects, and even a laptop (welcome to elementary school in the new millennium) to be stowed in an orderly fashion. Interior pockets hold pencils and markers; there’s an exterior mesh pouch for kiddo’s water bottle. Worried about the heft? Wide, cushioned straps distribute the weight in a safe, comfortable way.

But it’s the durable yellow backpacks of basics — such as paper and pencils — that get sent to children in need that really have us singing “teachable moment.”

There’s power in sharing the load.

Available online at schoolbagsforkids.com, $55.

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Photos: Courtesy of Schoolbags for Kids; Courtesy of Momfilter