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A Shot and a Cookie

Inspired Sweets from Batch from Scratch

batch from scratch cookies and sweets!

Legal Briefing

Plaintiff: Your taste buds.

Defendant: Batch from Scratch founder (and former finance/entertainment lawyer) Esther Kang’s treats.

The Case: Plaintiff charges Kang’s cookies, repeatedly tested and crafted with all-natural ingredients in small batches, with aggravated assault. Inspired combinations, like the black and tan (a Guinness stout brownie topped with creamy ale-butterscotch ganache and salty pretzels), butterscotch blondie (made even richer with brown butter), and whiskey-iced cherry-ginger cookie (packing the booze in both the fruit and frosting), as well as classics like chocolate chip, have caused the defendant to overindulge.

Out-of-Court Settlement: Kang will send the plaintiff a cookie omakase, a handpicked selection of 22-25 seasonal sweets (and maybe even a sneak peek of new flavors, like the in-production strawberry balsamic black pepper).

Case closed.

Available online at batchfromscratch.com, $11-$50.

Photo: Courtesy of Batch from Scratch

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