Upcycled Bags Are Your Best Friend at the Beach

Sail Away with Susan Hoff

susan hoff upcycled bags!

Your summer plans involved sailing lessons on the Bay, finding a first mate, and setting off into the sunset, but that discount booze cruise just left you seasick.

Next time, hit the waves with a seaworthy companion: Susan Hoff’s upcycled totes, made from castaway sails and reclaimed horse reins.

Hoff, a former sailing teacher for Outward Bound, knows the materials well. The first bag was christened when she saw the characteristic beauty in the cotton sail of a historic schooner; her inspired current collection followed a recent voyage from Cape Town to Barbados.

The totes teem with tales from past adventures: Beautifully patinated grommets, old marks and scars, and softly weathered fabric make each one a unique treasure. She also takes custom orders.

Which really floats our boat.

Available at Voyager, 365 Valencia Street, between 14th and 15th Streets; online at susanhoff.com, $10-$320.

Photo: Courtesy of Susan Hoff

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