Zoe B Biodegradable Beach Toys Make Waves

Low-Impact Sand Play

zoe b biodegradable beach toys!

If, on average, you lose two buckets, three sifters, and one shovel at the beach between May and September, and if it takes 450 years for a plastic bucket to decompose, how long will it take you to read this word problem, click a link, and swap your current beach toys for a biodegradable set from Zoë B Organic?

The company’s five-piece beach kit includes a bucket, sifter (which doubles as the lid), shovel, and cups made from a bioplastic that breaks down when exposed to microbial activity in the soil or sea. Designed for the littlest shore explorers, the pieces are perfectly sized for toddlers’ hands. Ours was able to transport wet sand and water up the beach with ease.

And there’s no need to worry about the toys disintegrating midway through Jacques Cousteau Jr.’s adventures; they take two to three years of exposure to decompose.

No, it won’t solve the ocean-pollution crisis overnight, but at least you’ll limit the mess you leave in your wake.

Available online ecomom.com, $20.

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Photo: Courtesy of Zoë B Organic