Wrap Things Up with Gina Stewart Cox Jewellery

Friendship Bracelets for Grown-ups

gina stewart cox jewellery!

Teenage fads you won’t catch us revisiting: crinkle swimwear, fluorescent cycling shorts, multiple earring holes, crimped hair.

Friendship bracelets, on the other hand, are groovy once more.

We might not have time to make them ourselves (stupid job gets in the way of everything), but British fashion designer Gina Stewart Cox has launched her own collection of grown-up wrist candy made with precious metal and gemstones.

Mix and match colours (we say, the brighter the better) and don’t worry about clashing. More is still more when it comes to this trend, so wear them stacked all the way up your arm to add a casual just-back-from-the beach touch to any outfit.

All the cool girls are doing it.

Available online at ginastewartcox.com, £36-£214.

Photo: Courtesy of Gina Stewart Cox