Lesser Spotted Images Are a Sign of Our Times

Would You Live Here?

lesser spotted posters!

We all remember the great landmarks in life: the first time we got acquainted with Booze, the first time we got into Kissing, the first time we felt Old.

But some people have to deal with these every day of their lives. Why? Because they live there.

Lesser Spotted Images is a clever company that spots quirky place names all over the world and photographs the signposts to print onto postcards, mugs, coasters and more. Drink from a Fryup, set a glass on Busty View, or treat a redheaded friend to a Ginge.

Company founder Dominic Greyer is an intrepid explorer who risks the wrath of angry residents in places like Muff and Twatt to photograph the funniest landmarks. He’s always looking for new suggestions, so if you come across a comical name, drop him a line.

You’ll be helping him put another name on the map.

Available online at lesserspotted.com, 50p-£33. Enter discount code Candy11 to get 25 per cent off to 31 August.

Photo: Courtesy of Lesser Spotted Images