Backpacks and Lunch Boxes That Get an A+

Back-to-School Bags, Pencil Cases, and More

back-to-school backpacks!

We interrupt your beach vacation to remind you of next month’s return to academia. Now that you are sufficiently bummed out (kind of), carry on.

apple & bee pencil case!Pencil Us In
You can keep your touch-screen technology; nothing beats an old-school No. 2 stowed in a personalized pencil case ($25).
built ny lunch bag!The Cat’s Meow
There’s nothing cooler than an insulated lunch bag ($20). Except one that snaps onto a backpack.
nonchalant mom book bag!Pretty Smart
First-day jitters look even more darling when accompanied by a cuter-than-a-kindergartner book bag ($58) and kneesocks.
gretel home boskop lunch box!A Is for Apple
We know what little Johnny Appleseed would have used to stash his sammie or snack in — this biodegradable lunch box ($15).
little packrats super backpack!It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane!
It’s a superhero backpack ($15)! PVC-free toddler packs come with matching masks for your caped crusader.
madpax dino backpack!Jurassic Packs
A little bit punk, a little bit paleontologist. The dino-inspired backpacks ($15-$60) come in four sizes perfect for prehistoric pre-K students.

Like the school year, we’re just getting started. Check out more favorite backpacks for minis.

Photos: Courtesy of Madpax; Courtesy of Apple & Bee; Courtesy of Built NY; Courtesy of Nonchalant Mom; Courtesy of Gretel Home; Courtesy of Little Packrats; Courtesy of Madpax